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Irrigation programmer 9V WPX RAIN-BIRD



Battery irrigation programmer, ideal for automating irrigation in places where we do not have a power grid.

Simple to program.

Installable anywhere.

Long useful life.


Width: 10.76 cm
Height: 17.60 cm.
Depth: 4.99 cm
Weight: 107g

LCD screen measurement

Width: 5.72 cm.
Height: 3.18 cm.

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Estimated delivery date: 28 January 2021
Estimated delivery date: 25 de January 2021

166,28 €

tax incl.

221,71 €



  • Operating time, start times and watering days of each zone shown on a single screen.
  • Large LCD screen with easy user interface.
  • Weather sensor input with deactivation function.
  • Pump start circuit / master valve. (Multizone units).
  • Memory for non-volatile programs (more than 100 years).
  • IP68 certification for protection against dust and water.
  • Plastic housing with extraordinary resistance to weathering, yellowing and aging.

Simple to program:
Possibility of accessing the most common programming functions from a single screen, which facilitates and speeds up the programming.

Installable anywhere:
The RAIN-BIRD WPX programmer can be installed virtually anywhere. Its waterproof housing guarantees tightness and a long service life even when installed in a buried casket.

Long duration:
It can work for about a year with a 9V alkaline battery, or for two years with two 9V alkaline batteries.


  • Exclusive button for manual watering.
  • Automatic stacking of zones to ensure that there is no more than one valve watering at the same time. If several zones are programmed to water the same day at the same time, the ESP-9V will water sequentially starting with the area with the lowest number.
  • The Rapid Programming ™ contractor automatically copies the start times and watering days of zone 1 into all other zones during initial setup.
  • Customizable start time, watering time and watering days for each zone.
  • 6 independent start times for each zone.
  • 4 options of irrigation days by zone: Customizable days of the week, cyclic (intervals of 1 to 30 days), odd days and even days.
  • Possibility of delaying irrigation (1 to 9 days).

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The TBOS-II Programming Console is programmable like any other Rain Bird programmer.

The program can be transmitted via infrared to the TBOS or TBOS-II connection boxes.

New design, new features and greater comfort.

Reliable and anti-vandalism

  • In radio mode it is not necessary to open the manholes.
  • It is possible to transmit information by radio even if the connection box is submerged.